Autism Awareness Card Auction

Hello, crafty friends. I wanted to share something I’ve been working on recently…

I’m hosting an Autism Awareness Card Auction in honor of my son (Aiden) who is on the spectrum.

Here are some details about the auction…

-The auction will take place on Friday, April 2nd at 9am Eastern over on the Autism Awareness Card Auction Instagram page

-The auction will end on Monday, April 5th at 9am Eastern.

-There are over 50 cards to bid on created by amazing card makers in the industry.

-To place a bid on a card, leave a comment on that card’s post with the US dollar amount and tag the highest bidder before you.

-All money will be donated directly to the Autism Society of America.

-If you are interested in donating outside of this auction. Click HERE.

There’s also some fun bonuses…

Jennifer McGuire has been my partner in this and she will be sending every highest bidder a card too as a thank you. So not only will the highest bidders receive the card they won, they will also receive one from Jennifer.

-There are also gift certificates that will be awarded randomly as prizes! Make sure to follow the instagram page for more details.

-Also, make sure to check out our special guests. Aiden (my son) and Lila (daughter of Jennifer McGuire) got in on the fun and they have projects they made that is up for auction. Let’s show these young makers some love….

Aiden’s cards…


Lila McGuire’s Customized Paper Dolls…

The highest bid winner will email photos and Lila will customize them to make them look like you!

You can find more information about these paper dolls over on Jennifer’s blog HERE.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your support. I hope to see you at the auction!

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