Product Showcase: Ink, Mini Blending Brush, and Shimmer

Hi, crafty friends. Today’s post is a bit different. I’ve been playing with some new crafty goodies and they have won my heart so I thought I would share more about them here in a product showcase…

I created a card using all three of the products together….


First, let’s talk about THESE new Concord & 9th inks…

They are a dye ink pad that have a extra firm foam pad instead a felt pad. They come in 22 colors and the colors are gorgeous. You can get THESE full size ink pads or THESE mini cubes. I used a few to ink blend with on today’s card and they blend beautifully.


Speaking of blending…

Pink and Main just released THIS new Mini Ergonomic Blending Brush (pictured on the right). The mini one measures 1 in inch in diameter and the regular one (pictured on the left) measures 2 inches in diameter. They both have super soft bristles and make ink blending a breeze. I really like them both but I plan on getting several more of the mini. It fits perfectly in my hand, is lightweight, and comfortable to grip.

As you can see in the picture above, they come with their own holder that they slide into, but since I will be purchasing a lot more of the mini size (probably one for each color family), I plan on putting them in a nail polish holder…


Finally, I want to talk about THIS shimmer…

Who doesn’t love some shine on their project to catch the light!? THIS cosmic shimmer is so beautiful. I used a toothpick to apply a tiny amount to the center of the flowers. It’s hard to photograph but adds a ton of shimmer and sparkle in real life…

P.S. The product picture is showing a green color. It is not green. It’s a creamy white like pictured above.

P.S.S. THIS layering stencil set is also a fabulous product. I LOVE that it has a small square cut out on one side. You use that small square as a guide to line up all the stencils. I’m not good with layering images and this made it super easy.

I hope this gives you a better look at some of the new products on the market.

Thanks so much for visiting. I appreciate your support.




  1. Lori Spitzer
    August 7, 2020

    Thanks for this post. I have these brushes and love them! I just recently ordered a bunch of the mini brushes. Little by little I am trying to get to the point where I have a set of brushes, one for yellows, one for pinks, one for greens, etc. so that I don’t have to worry about cross-contamination of color. As for the Concord & 9th inks,…. yum. I just recently ordered all the ink pads of another site / artist, so I am not able to order all the Concord & 9th inks, but I love me a foam ink pad and will keep stalking them until I can afford at least the minis. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

  2. Karen Hedgelon
    July 22, 2020

    Hello Heather, I love your card with it’s bright, happy colors and the Cloudy Day frame die! The tiny soled die cut defines the center of the card so well. The Pink & Main mini brushes are awesome. I picked up 6 of them this morning and I am loving the results. You have made me so interested in the Concord and 9th inks that I will think long and hard about them. I have so many inks but am open, as always, to newer and better. Thanks for sharing your card, showcasing the mini brushes and explaining about the Concord & 9th inks!

  3. Stephanie Clapper
    July 21, 2020

    Hi Heather! This was a great post because I love hearing from designers about new products. I’m patiently waiting for my order of the full set of mini ink pads. I’m excited to try them! As far as blending, I’ve been on a full blown hunt for the best brushes. I started with labeled notebooks, filled with the Velcro sponge disks- one for every color. Then I switched to the TE blender brushes and after that have tried the makeup brushes. I’ve found the flat, soft makeup brushes give me the best results. I may give one of the ergonomic brushes a try but since I’ve invested a small fortune already, I’ll probably have to wait. But I thank you very much for your testimonials, it’s greatly appreciated! 😊


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